Kerry H.

I LOVE Fit Happens Bootcamp. I gained 60 lbs when I was pregnant with my son and I spent the first year of his life alternating between joy and depression. The depression was over my weight and my inability to get a real workout into my routine between working and motherhood. BAM! Enter Brooke and Doug. Their ridiculously intense workouts, with a BABYSITTER!!!! saved me. I lost the weight, I got fit, I met other new moms and dads and I got back to feeling myself, only a buffer supermom version of myself. I even worked out through my 2nd pregnancy till 10 days before her birth. And was back at class 8 weeks later. This place literally is one of the reasons my life is awesome. The workout, the laughter, the people, but mainly the RESULTS. Can’t recommend it highly enough,. Can’t!

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