“I joined bootcamp with Brooke in September, 2013.  I have done a lot of cardio but not a lot of strength training.  As a nurse, I could see how I needed to develop upper body strength to help patients move in bed or lifting them onto a gurney after surgery.  I loved the training Brooke provided right away, it was fun, challenging and we laughed a lot during our sessions.  In January, we all decided to do a 30-day Gauntlet challenge to change not just our bodies, but our relationship to food.  This was 30 days of staying committed to a bigger goal – not just muscles, but our mental and spiritual well being too!  For 30 days we worked so hard to avoid the things that brought us down, sugar, carbs, negative thoughts, hectic schedules.  Doing this challenge really changed me on the inside and out.  When we finished, we all thought we’d race to the closest In n Out, but many of us found that the changes stuck.  It’s now been 6 months since I used an artificial sweetener.  And one of the new habits I cultivated was to give back to others.  When we did the challenge, I started volunteering one morning a week at the local food bank.  Now for 6 months, every Monday morning I help give out 225 bags of groceries to needy families.  And because I am now the strongest person in the line, I am the person who lifts every bag of groceries to hand them out!  Joining Fit Happens and Bust It Bootcamp has been the greatest thing I have done for myself in a long time!”