I started bootcamp with Fit Happens LA about a year and a half ago and against all common logic I have been loving it.  I’ve gotten stronger, faster and all kinds of good things have been happening in terms of my physical well-being but I was not losing much weight.  In her never ending quest for ways to challenge us and shake everything up, Trainer Brooke brought forth The Gauntlet challenge in January.  Although I did not initially dive into the challenge with any sort of grace and loudly evoked the language of fear and suffering for at least the first week, I soon found myself reaching an equilibrium.  I weaned myself off processed sugar, brought fresh foods back into my life, took in whole proteins, scaled back fats and drank a ridiculous amount of water all under the supervision of Brooke & Co. and with the constant cheering and camaraderie of my workout mates ringing in my ears.  And you know what?  I started to feel really, really good.  I felt in control and mindful of what I was using to fortify my body by making fully conscious decisions about food.  It didn’t stop there though.  The Gauntlet is a sort of challenge for your whole life, not just your food.  I’m competitive and I wasn’t going to let not doing 10 minutes of meditation in the morning or not taking a new exercise class deprive me of precious points and pretty soon I was opened up and exposed to ALL KINDS of things I would have told you were “simply not possible” before The Gauntlet.