Brooke and Doug run an amazing camp. I go to Burbank and I can say after having gone nearly 2 full months I HAVE NEVER HAD THE SAME WORKOUT TWICE! Half the irritation of group classes is the fact that teachers bore you by repeating the tried and true. Brooke and Doug change it up every class, optimizing muscle confusion in the body and super fun for the boot campers. They take into consideration injuries, offering modifications for those who are on the mend and they’ll encourage you to go as hard as you can to make sure your body will rock. With zero arm strength, after my first class I had a hard time lifting a mascara wand. Yesterday I did 76 full pushups in 3 minutes and I have barely any arm soreness today. That’s progress! I’m stronger than ever, have a cool new group of peeps I enjoy seeing 3x a week and I love Fit Happens.